We can help you.*

*grow your business, social media following and engagement. Starting from 19 eur/month.


Get your social media giveaway posts in front of Giveaway App's users in less than 1 min.


As our users discover your giveaway in our app, they can choose to enter the giveaway and engage with it.


Depending on your giveaway participation rules, you can grow your followings and more.


We show your giveaways to relevant people. This way you can collect leads that matter to your business.


How does it work?

You want loads of relevant and real social media followers and engagement, and leads for your business 👍

People want relevant giveaways from brands they ❤️ and brands they have yet to discover.

We bring the two of you together in a super simple way that makes you 🤔 "Why hasn't this been done before?"

Discover or publish giveaways.

Five simple steps to growth

Connect your social media channels to be able to post giveaways.

Start a new social media giveaway with a click of a button.

Choose the locations you want to target the giveaway to and define its category as well.

Add the rules for entry and a disclaimer as well if needed.

Choose the start and end time. Select the right post (the one that is a giveaway) and publish it.

Then just sit back and watch your engagement and followers count 🚀 grow.* It's really that simple.

*Disclaimer: The end result depends on several factors, such as, how attractive the giveaway is, the rules for participating, the quality of the creative and copy, and the length of the giveaway.


We've written an extensive guide on how to run giveaways. Make sure to check it out!

How much does it cost?

We don't need to go bonanza 🤠 on this one so we're not going to ask for much. You on the other hand are going to get a whole lot of value out of Giveaway App in comparison to its price point.

P.S. We don't offer free trials. Why? Read the small print below to find out.

Do you know any decent advertising platforms that let you advertise for free? I assume not.

Plus, if we'd have a free trial, we'd open the gates to potential spammers, which would have a negative effect on your results as a paying customer ❤️


1 social media profile

Unlimited giveaways

Local targeting


per month*

VAT may apply


3 social media profiles

Unlimited giveaways

Local targeting


per month*

VAT may apply



Custom profiles

Unlimited giveaways

Local targeting

An agency?

Have lots of social accounts?

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